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How to haunt your house 2 now available!
Goto, to preview this new book!

Working on another web site for our Home Haunt "Nightchills Manor".

Getting ready to goto Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis! Can't wait!!!!

2009 Halloween was Great! We had a lot more trick or treaters than last year! It was a lot of hard work especially when you consider we were also having the Fear Crafters Kick Off Party, the Haunted Bus Trip, two weekends with our Haunted Garage Sale, classes we were teaching through our local community college and working on our own props for the garage sale and our haunt, "Nightchills Manor". Needless to say we are exhausted but extremely happy with how all of our events turned out! We had a blast and now are planning events for next year, starting in January for the Fear Crafters Club!

I am in process of putting together a slideshow and a video of this years "Nightchills Manor" haunt. I will post them as soon as they are completed!

A new book! "How to haunt your house" By Shawn and Lynne Mitchell.
Shawn and Lynne Mitchell are the creators of The Mitchell Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida, featured in the 2007 series, Route 666, America's Scariest Haunted Houses and selected as a finalist for the Haunt X Awards, Best Yard Haunt 2007.
The book has over 300 color photos of step-by-step projects and inspirational photos. You can even "prewiew" the book on their web site, take a look!

Here is a dvd I stumbled upon while surfing the internet. At first I thought it was one of the "Halloween" movies you know the one with "Jason", as I read on I discovered it was a 55 minute "Shockumentary" full of photos, live shows, haunts, tour of dracula's castle in Transylvania, Dr. Shocker's House of Horror, haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, real haunted places,and more.
The dvd is Hosted by Daniel Roebuck and Bob Burns with celebrities Robert Englund, Alice Cooper, Tony Todd, Angus Scrimm, Tom Savini, Christa Campbell, Doug Bradley, Don Coscarelli, John Gulager and many more!
"Halloween - The Happy Haunting of America shows us a country filled with rendered corpses, killer clowns, classic monsters and blood-splattered teens jumping out from a maze’s darkened corners!"

It's looks really cool. I can't wait to see it! If you get a moment check their website out for more information and reviews. Be sure to watch the trailer below!

Watch the movie trailer below!

Just Redone Pages, Decorating & Haunt Items, Pictures, Pumpkins

New entries on the Other Ideas, Tips & Special Effects Page!

I have just completely redone the Walls page!

A brand new Make Up page!
It is full of information and how to's. I put alot of work into this one, I hope it is very helpful!

This Special 10th Anniversary Edition of Haunters Haunts includes almost 19 hours of video on 7 DVD's with the haunts that submit pictures or video (over 125 haunts) as well as an additional bonus disc,
with haunts from each of the past 10 years and how-2's, etc.
Price is $30.00 very good price!
Goto for more information and to order!

I have started improving the site. I have been redoing pages and adding some as well.
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