Other Great Haunt Sites

Haunters Hangout - A great place for all types of haunters, live episodes you can partake it, tons of help, pictures, how to's and connections to other haunters! A HAUNTERS MUST SEE SITE!

Pumpkin Rot - Great work! Awesome props, scarecrows, corpses, creatures, pumpkins and more, he also has some of his work available for purchase. I love his photography!
Spooky Blue -Awesome site! Lots of how to's and lots of help along with other cool information. His work & pictures (along with pumpkinrot.com) have inspired me to try some new techinques and make some new props I haven't tried before!
Headstorm - Music, Art & The best site for making tombstones! Instructions, techniques, or buy them!
Devious Concoctions - many ideas for props! You can also buy their props,how to books, videos, prop controls, etc.
Spooky House Productions - cool haunt with excellent pictures of their props.
Terror Syndicate- Great Haunts! Great techinques and props! See the awesome work put into this haunt! You can also buy their how to books, props, dvds, and sound cds they make!
Dawn of the Dead - Halloween is my favorite holiday! For the past 4 years I have decorated both my yard & a local business, each year has a different theme.

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