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To learn how to create these other prop items
signs, fake ground, walls, using fake bugs, & fake "real" trees
go to my Decorating & Haunt Items page to learn how!

All props unless specified a link, are props that I have made and are how to's from me.
If they specify that it will be a link or info and a link they are projects I have made using the "link" web site instructions/how to.

Click on the prop/item that you would like to see and learn how to make.


Chain Link Fence

Monster Mud Reaper

Ground Breaker Corpse

Yard Boys

Grim Reaper

Skull Tower

Picture Frame
Props made with paper mache'

A Fog Chiller

Link to
Image copyrighted by

FCG "Flying Crank Ghost"

Link to
Image copyrighted by Doug Ferguson

Corpsed Blucky

Graveyard Podeums
(old quick version - 1st one I ever made)

Realistic Candles


Haunted Lamp

Distressed Clothing
Info & Link to
Image copyright of