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Welcome to Haunting 101!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tracy Moul, I have been creating home & yard haunts and custom props for 19 years now.

I am a Halloween fan and have been involved with the holiday for a number of years. I have owned and been a co-owner of haunts both home and professional alike. I've had opportunity to visit some of the best haunts across the country as well as national conventions, in the process I've had the priviledge to meet some of the best in the business along with meeting new friends!

I've acted as an consultant and helped others with their own projects and haunts, as well as teaching others how to make their own props and decorations through classes offered at one of our local colleges.

I have also started in 2008 "Fear Crafters Haunt Club" www.fearcrafters.com for the lincoln ne. area!

My site contains many ideas and things I have learned to design, make, build, use, and create most without spending a arm and a leg, some items you may have at home already. As my site has grown over the years I have also added pages and links so you can learn how to make more difficult & detailed props if you desire. I have learned that adding bought items to my props (such as eyeballs, effect hair, uv paints, heads, hands, ect.) and to my Haunt (quality skeletons, glow glue sticks, electronic motors & effect equiptment, etc.) can make a heck of a difference especially if you are having difficulty making the items yourself. So I have added links and pages as to where you can buy high quality props, haunt accessories, & things you may need for construction of your props. My intention is to help out others looking for information on halloween haunting, decorating, and prop building. This site has a large volume of information and PICTURES! Please feel free to leave any comments you may have in my guest book or send me an Email! Also, if you have any questions or need some help or ideas again feel free to email me!
Enjoy! *Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting!*

I would like to give a special THANKS to my parents for all their hard work they put into each haunt every year. To all my friends and family who come to see my haunts and for the love, hard work, support and help! To my friends on the internet, Haunt Forum, Halloween Forum and the Howl2000 list! My haunt would not be what it is today without you! Thanks for the dvd sets, all the ideas, information, all your hard work you display on your websites, thanks for sharing. Love you all!


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